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Three Tips for Getting Perfect Vacation Hair

Tips for Getting Perfect Vacation Hair

No matter where you’re travelling this summer, you need to keep your hair looking better than ever. Imagine all the vacation selfies forever imprinted into your phone and proudly posted on to your IG! But that’s not without knowing this short list of the most common issues when it comes to exposing your hair to different climates and summer hair stressors:

Vacation Hair Problems: Heat Damage

If You’re Going Somewhere like... Palm Springs

The Issue Is… Heat Damage

Discoloration, brittle strands, split ends, frizziness… the list goes on. The effects of prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB on your hair can be seriously damaging. Sun rays deteriorate the hair cuticle and the protein inside of it.

Solution? …Protect your hair from the sun by styling with Hybridized Wax, our lightweight, water-based styler will give your hair amazing satin shine and natural texture. The key ingredients, red tea and pomegranate, will protect the hair and scalp against the environment.

Vacation Hair Problems: Chlorine

If You’re Going Somewhere like… The Four Seasons Rooftop

The Issue Is… Chlorine

That pool is refreshing and calling your name, but your hair is screaming “please, no!” Chlorinated water can lighten your hair and make it even MORE vulnerable to the stresses of the sun. The hair shaft protein, keratin, gets damaged and absorbs the chlorine causing color-treated hair to fade quickly.

To help counteract these effects, make sure you wash your hair shortly after each swim session with our Anti-Fade Shampoo and Conditioner. Our unique formulations in these 2 products will surely protect against fading, and gently cleanse and condition with ZERO chemical build up. Seven powerful plant extracts also help to penetrate deep to moisturize, smooth and seal the cuticle to lock in shine.

Vacation Hair Problems: Humidity

If You’re Going Somewhere like… Bali

The Issue Is… Humidity

So your walking outside of your hotel room after styling your hair and bam! You hit a wall. Ok, not LITERALLY, but the thick, dense humidity that is an unfortunate side effect of an otherwise beautiful tropical vacation can hit your hair hard. The key to fending off the effects of frizz is to keep your hair moisturized and prevent it from absorbing excess water from the air around you.

By styling with Quicksand, you’ll achieve a humidity-resistant hairstyle. Simply rub a small pinch between your fingertips and apply to your roots for lift and texture and to maintain a great second day hair look. Jojoba seed oil and eucalyptus extracts will soothe and hydrate the scalp and hair, protecting it from invasive humidity. It’s important to keep your hair cuticle and scalp hydrated to create a base for your hair to stay styled and steer clear of frizz.


Guard yourself from hair-regret with these foolproof styling methods that will make you look like a modern man on vacation just as much as you are at home. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook with your summer travel looks! #HanzdeFuko.

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