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The Creative Renegades

The Creative Renegades

This June, Hanz de Fuko partnered with one of Singapore’s most prolific singer-songwriters, Nathan Hartono, to launch the Hanz de Fuko Creative Renegade campaign. 

Hanz de Fuko’s Creative Renegades consists of artists and individuals who forge their own individual path. The Hanz de Fuko x Nathan Hartono collaboration is made up of a 3-part video series where Nathan reveals the secret behind his hairstyle using Hanz de Fuko products, his style inspirations, and the inspiration behind his craft and creative process.

As part of The Creative Renegade campaign, Hanz de Fuko Asia was featured in an Esquire Singapore article detailing simple hair styling techniques and products from Hanz de Fuko that gives you the creative freedom to rock different styles with the same hair type.

“Nothing else makes a good first impression quite like a well-groomed head of hair.”

Classic Pompadour

The pompadour is practically synonymous with Elvis Presley. Also popularized by the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando, this style is perfect for guys wanting to elevate their look with a rock and roll edge.

The pomp can be done in various ways—from matte to shiny, or textured to flat—but generally, hair is swept up and back over the head, with the sides and back combed neatly and close to the scalp. The modernist take on the pomp features disconnected undercuts and fades to keep everything looking sharp.

Volume is no doubt the pièce de résistance to a classic full pomp.

Step 1: Start with damp freshly washed hair. Spray on the Dry Shampoo as a pre-styler to mattify hair and give it good hold. Grab a section of hair from the back of your crown using the round brush and blow dry through; slowly rolling the comb backwards. Repeat this technique as you gradually work your way from the crown to the front of your head.



Step 2: Take a coin sized amount of Hanz de Fuko’s Quicksand, warm it up in your palms and spread it evenly onto your fingertips. Apply Quicksand into the base of your hair using your fingertips in a quick zig-zag motion onto the whole head starting from the back.

Avoid smoothing and pressing your palms down onto your hair, as this will flatten your pompadour. Once you’ve laid Quicksand onto your hair, you will need to reshape your hair into a pomp as putting in product always changes the shape of your hair slightly. Gently run your fingers through your hair from front to back for a textured look, or use a comb if you prefer a sleek classic pomp. 

Pro-tip: The key is to add small amounts of Quicksand as you go to build up your pomp; too much product can weigh down your hair throughout the day. A light coat of hairspray will also help keep everything securely in place.


Hanz de Fuko’s Quicksand is great product for the pompadour style because like a sea-salt spray, it acts a volumizer to give hair the necessary height. The diatomaceous earth in the formula soaks up the excess oil as the day progresses, which results in a consistent ultra-matte finish. Also, the styling paste contains castor seed oil to protect the scalp from microbes and fungus; Jojoba seed oils to help break up and prevent clogged pores; as well as spearmint and eucalyptus extracts to soothe and hydrate.

Step 3: Hold the Style Lock Hairspray at arms-length and spray onto hair, being sure to spray evenly throughout the shape. Style locked. Elvis-mode, on.


The Slick Back

Look as suave and dapper as Don Draper or James Bond by rocking the classic slick back. With its neat and fuss-free aesthetic, this hairstyle can be easily achieved by smoothing our water-based Heavymade pomade onto the hair for a high gloss finish.

Step 1: Start with damp hair. Use a rat-tail comb to create a clean divide at your natural parting before blow-drying. If you have thick hair, a flat iron might be useful to tame stubborn kinks and awkward pieces of jutting hair, especially at the parting. To add some volume, use a round brush and blow dry until satisfied.

Step 2: To hold your debonair look down pat, work a small amount of Quicksand into the roots as a pre-styler to add some grit—again, starting from the back using your fingertips in a zig-zag motion—whilst still keeping the part visible.

Step 3: Now that the hair is primed, warm up a dime-sized amount of Heavymade in between your palms and glide on to the hair, following the direction of the part, ensuring that every strand is coated with the product. Follow up with a medium sized comb for a sharper look or just your fingers for a more casual finish.

The Heavymade is a water-based pomade, so even though it gives your hairstyle a superior strong hold, it rinses off easily in the shower unlike other petroleum-based pomades. It also keeps your hair moisturized due to the organic blend of Mallow Flower, Lemon Peel, Burdock Root, and Horsetail Fern extract that conditions while it styles. Best of all, its humidity-resistant formula ensures that the slick back remains gravity defying even in our tropical climate.

 Read the full Esquire Singapore article here.

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