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How-to Style Thinning Hair

How-to Style Thinning Hair

There’s no need to be embarrassed. We know how hard it can be on your self-confidence when your hairline starts to recede and your hair thins faster than you anticipated. While going from a full head of hair to fine and thinning is a daunting experience, there are tricks to create the illusion of thick hair and we’re here to show you how.

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Pump It Up with a Pomp 

The M.O. of a pompadour is height, which is easy to get when you don’t have thick hair weighing it down. The light, airy take on a short pomp with a fade on the sides makes the hair you DO have the main focus.

It’s a modern, masculine style that anyone can rock. To achieve this look, use Heavymade, which is a modernized, water-based pomade that gives hair a high hold and high shine without weighing down.

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Maximum Texture 

Take advantage of a low maintenance look that will give thin hair depth and cover up any incoming bald spots. Steer clear of an attention-grabbing comb-over with a modern, ultra texturized style.

Use Hanz de Fuko’s Quicksand to give hair lift, absorb excessive oil and create a awesome texture. It’s also great for second day hair, keeping hair oil-free to prevent it from going limp. Rub a small pinch between your palms and rub through to the ends, beginning at the roots. You’ll find your hair looking like it’s doubled in thickness when you eliminate grease and volume.

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Slick Back in Action

A go-to look for men with thinning hair is the slicked back style. It’s tame, classic and adds a touch of finesse. We’re not talking about a greasy, dirty slicked back look, but one with a bit of volume and semi-matte finish.

Ask your barber for a gradual fade on the sides to give the hair on top a full appearance, then style it with Hybridized Wax, our unique lightweight “water-wax” formulation goes on clear without any residue. Apply to damp hair for locked in moisture and a satin shine finish. Use a comb for a clean and sophisticated look. The castor seed oil protects scalp from microbial and fungal infections to help prevent any further hair loss!  

However thin your hair may be getting, we hope one of these styles will help you go from feeling insecure to confident in an instant.


Share any tips and tricks you have with us if your hair is thinning, we love to see how you style! FOLLOW us on Instagram and LIKE us on Facebook, #HanzdeFuko.  

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