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So you’re pushing hard at the gym and you’re killing it. I’m talking veins bulging, beads of sweat gleaming on your temples, no pain no gains kind of a workout.  You’re sweating everywhere and you can feel the grime seeping into your scalp. Glancing down at your phone to check the time, you realize that you’re set to pick up your main squeeze in fifteen minutes… and the drive takes twelve. It’s time to dash.

You jet to the locker room, snatch your bag and notice the only thing in your arsenal is a nickel-size chunk of bar soap clinging to the inside of an old ziploc. You start to panic because there’s no way you’re going to squeeze that crusty lather into your sweat-filled locks. And then it hits you.

A beam of the fluorescent overhead light strikes the side of a jar and a smile creeps over your face. Sitting inside of your locker is a container of Hanz de Fuko’s Quicksand, the man’s version of after gym makeup. You know that a two-minute shower and a pinch of Hanz in your damp strands means tons of matte volume and manageable hold.


Quicksand: A Post-Gym Godsend

Style clay meets dry shampoo, this product was designed for second or third day hair. Quicksand is made with diatomaceous earth, a highly absorbent sedimentary rock. These “rocks” work their way into your hair and sucks up excess oil from your scalp leaving you with cleaner, fuller strands.

And with organic superfoods like goldenseal and pomegranate, you know you’re getting the best plant-based ingredients for a paraben-free, healthy head of hair.

You jump out of the shower and smear a dab onto your finger. The clay releases an earthy smell as you work into your palms before tousling it through your roots. You rub the grease-be-gone goop through your mane, hit it with a blowdryer and eureka! Your matte hair is so on point that even Samson would weep!

Your sweetie pie will never know that you were soaked in sweat before you sank your roots into Quicksand. You already had one workout… why should getting ready be another?
Hanz de Fuko

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