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Ever hop in the shower and realize that your brand new razor is now dull and covered in soap slime? You look around at the long strands of wadded hair coating the shower walls and notice that your shampoo container has been left open. Puzzled, you think to yourself, “That’s funny, I don’t remember a wookiee entering my home.” You take a step and nearly lose your footing from the slick coating on the tub floor. You wonder what could’ve possibly caused the oil spill under your feet? Then it dawns on you. Your hand stretches forth to check your precious bottle of new conditioner that you’ve only had the chance to use once. Horrified, you pick it up and find that every last drop is gone. Only one creature could’ve wreaked this much havoc in one visit… Bae. That’s right! We’re on to you, ladies.

Sadly, this tragic story is all too common. But Hanz is more than a shoulder to cry on. We wanted to find out what women really loved in our hair care line and give you a formal warning: Prepare to buy a few of these in doubles. Here are our top products that women have been falling for and thieving over.

Hair Conditioner

This is one that women can’t get enough of. You already know that the natural plant extracts and spearmint smell of our shampoo and conditioner are amazing on scalps. And most sites will tell you that hair conditioner works wonders as a shaving cream. But we wanted to let you in on a little secret that your lady friend has already figured out. Natural Conditioner is often used as a makeup remover. And being paraben and sulfate free means less risk of harmful substances entering her skin. We’ve suddenly become more grateful that a little goes a long way.


Bar Soap

Unscented Bar Soap is not like the heavily scented men’s washes that you’ll find in the soap aisle today. The fragrance free formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin. With naturally fresh and 100% organic ingredients, she’s sure to consider this shower bar fair game. So unless you plan on using your fingernail to carve your name into it, we suggest stocking up on a stack of these bars before she stakes her claim. Who are we kidding? If it’s in your place, consider it hers.


Hair Pomade

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about at least one of the thousands of eyebrow makeup tutorials floating around the internet. Big brows are all the rage, all the fleek, and all to blame for your missing pomade. Surprised? We were pretty impressed with this alternative beauty hack too.

Ladies have been using Modify Pomade as an eyebrow setting wax. With its pliable and easy to comb through texture, the high hold formula maintains the perfect brow shape throughout the day. And the consistency of the pomade helps brow powder stick to the face. At two ounces, she can slip this jar into her bag for a travel-friendly getaway that you and TSA never saw coming.


You’ve been warned! Ladies love Hanz. Now would be the time for a clever sign off, but we’re too busy hiding our own soap stacks and chiseling hair from the shower wall.


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