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Okay, it’s not completely your fault. A couple of little things like genetics and hormones are also to blame. However, if you catch yourself with a widow’s peak too soon, look to a few basics in your routine to shine some light on that dwindling patch of peach fuzz.


That’s right, we said it. For all of the bros still sporting ponies, here’s yet another reason to let your mane hang free (aside from a dying trend and the many messages that your girlfriend has been leaving us). It’s called Traction Alopecia, meaning those long locks of yours are constantly being pulled and traction is gradually yanking your hair out of the follicle. Got it, Fabio? Ditch the barrette. If managing your hair is a problem, Hanz De Fuko is your solution. We invented the stuff meant to save you from looking like Phil Spector.


Your scalp needs moisture, just like any other skin on your body. But if you’re using products with a high alcohol content, you’re asking for the fast route to a bald spot. So unless you have the abs and ass-kicking skills of Jason Statham, ditch the alcohol-ridden products. Cleanse your scalp with a naturally balanced shampoo that won’t dry you out, and style with a cream that won’t leave you crunchy. We suggest our Natural Shampoo along with Scheme Cream to give the polished coif that you’ve been looking for.


Oh the summer days of scouring the beach for hunnies, spending hours in the sun and days soaked in chlorine. If you’re one of the many prepping for the UV season to come, make sure you’re investing in a seriously moisturizing routine. Chlorine and UV only add to the brittle texture causing your drain to be coated in precious strands. Think real men don’t use conditioner? The ones that keep their hair do. Strengthen your scalp with as much moisture as possible!


Hey, dudes have feelings too! You know what else they have? Sensitive skin. And your buddy Hanz is here to give you a tip. Go to your shower, read your bottles, and toss anything containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). It acts as a detergent, stripping your hair of its natural oil. Those with sensitive skin may find it especially irritating. And if you’re a man that experiments with color, you get the added drawback of color loss. You can use SLS to degrease an engine. Does that sound like something designed for a scalp?


Ever hear of a cold water rinse? Washing with warm water is fine because the hair cuticle opens, allowing for a deeper wash. But if you’re looking for added ways to protect your scalp, use a colder temperature during the rinse cycle. Like a sealant, the cold water locks in moisture and reseals your hair cuticle. You’ll be left with protected hair, less breakage, more shine, and less worry. Pretty cool, right?

It’s simple. Relax and let your locks out, cut the products that are stripping your hair, and invest in the stuff that really works.

Hanz de Fuko…

Soft, shiny, dapper, done.

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