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Trend Watch 2018: Summer Hairstyles for Men

Trend Watch 2018: Summer Hairstyles for Men
Look the Hottest from June till August.
Summer is here and it’s time for a new, confident and literally, COOL hairstyle. With so many hair trends circulating, we’ve narrowed down our favorites that suit every texture out there. Refresh your look, stay styled and get everyone’s attention this season.

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Punk + Pomade: From Johnny Rotten to Robert Pattinson

God save the... king! Punk is in for Summer 2018 and if you’re a man who’s bold, confident and loves a risk - this is the look to rock. Think punk hair won’t fly at work? Slick it back for a refined look and spike it up on the weekends. If you’re growing out your hair, the punk look will help smooth over an awkward middle stage. If your hair is thin or you don’t think it would hold this kind of shape, you’ll need a high strength pomade. Use Hanz de Fuko Quicksand as a pre-styler first, then finish off with Claymation for a super high hold and matte finish. If you’re feeling a bit more Johnny Rotten, add in Heavymade for extra hold and high shine, or Gel Triq for a wet look. Don’t focus on precision when styling, a little untidy is better, remember it’s meant to look rebellious!


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Wavy + Wind Swept: from Johnny Depp to Bradley Cooper

If you’ve got long hair and thinking of a summer trim to cool off, but you just can’t commit to anything above the ears, this is the cut for you! Ask your barber for a modern to mid-length cut that best suits your face shape. To achieve Brad Pitt straight-from-the-beach vibes, sea salt texture is key. Use Hanz de Fuko Quicksand on dry hair and apply starting from the roots, slowly working it out towards the ends. If you have wavy curls and prefer an undercut, ask your barber for a shorter cut and style with Sponge Wax, to achieve amazing “bed-head” hairstyles. But don’t forget to keep your 2nd day hair looking fresh with Hanz de Fuko Dry Shampoo. The secret is to keep it matte and relaxed, allowing the hair to take shape in a natural manner.

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Buzz + Bleach: From Zayn to Kanye

It’s 2018 and men can color their hair without any stigma. You don’t have to be born in Norway to have polar ice hair, though you may need to be for the blue eyes. Bring on the salon bleach blonde with your amber eyes and you’ll be achieving one of the hottest looks amongst musicians and models alike. Bleach blonde hair suits most any skin color, even those lacking pigment, Eminem could pull it off so why can’t you?  You might be thinking, “oh, I can buzz and bleach my hair at home and save the money!” ERRRR. Wrong! At home, bleaching can end up looking out-of-the-box, damage your hair texture and even burn your scalp. So better to book an appointment with an experienced professional who can transition your hair from black to bleach without drying it out. Maintain your new look with Hanz de Fuko Anti-Fade Vegan Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s formulated to keep color from fading and lock-in moisture, which is vital after a shocking dye job that can leave your hair desert dry. Style with Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax for the ultimate balance of flexibility and firmness with a great matte finish and added heat protectant power.

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Close Crew Cut: From Jake Gyllenhaal to Zac Efron

All the low-maintenance men are in luck, crew cuts are back! A look you CAN achieve at home with a pair of shears and a steady hand. It’s a no nonsense cut that will keep you cool all summer long, and save you money! Even though this is a simple cut, don’t get it twisted, it looks edgy and bold. With no hair to distract from your clothing and style, you’ll look polished and confident. However, before you make the big buzz, make sure you know your scalp. Any unsightly bumps or birthmarks you don’t want peering through? Just go to your barber and ask as they’ll have a better view! If you’re ready to go for it, you’ll be rocking a masculine, low-key and easy to wear cut all summer. Style with Hanz de Fuko Heavymade to control edges and add shine and depth when that sun hits your head from Santa Monica to South Beach. If you want extra hold, finish off the top with Hanz de Fuko Style Lock Hairspray for extreme hold.

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Cool Textured Crop: From Justin Timberlake to Eddie Redmayne

The textured crop is for the effortlessly cool man with a boyish charm. Though seemingly simple, this is a look you’ll need to head to your barber to get the perfect balance of hair on the top to a gradual down taper. For those of you worried about a receding hairline, this look is perfect as the top of the hair is pushed forward which means your hairline is covered completely. To achieve the look, use Hanz de Fuko Quicksand as a pre-styler and finish it off with Modify Pomade to create tremendous texture and shine. If you’re not feeling high shine, try Scheme Cream for equally pliable styling and natural texture.

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Trim and Tapered: From Liam Hemsworth to Donald Glover

The most versatile cut from curly to wavy to straight: it looks good on everyone. Ask your barber for a gradual taper with more length left at the top. Different from shaved sides or a full fade, the taper looks like you still have a full head of hair. It’s a cut for any occasion; smart and sensible for work, cool and casual for the beach, or sleek and edgy for a night out. It all depends how you style it, and we don’t see it going out of style any time soon. For straight hair use Hanz de Fuko Claymation for supreme holding power and ultimate pliability. Wavy hair can be cocktailed using Quicksand and Scheme Cream for a humidity resistant, natural low-shine finish. For curly hair, use Hanz de Fuko Gravity Paste with a twist sponge and finish it off with Heavymade for superb edge control.



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