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We get it, there is some major confusion in the goop department. You walk into a store and find yourself overwhelmed with label upon label of mysterious sticky junk for your hair. And the worst part is that almost all of them are called “wax”. But what the hell is wax, and is it really better than the nine other jars piled next to it? This confusion makes it impossible to find exactly which product is best for your style. Not all of us have a barber on speed dial to clear it up. So Hanz is here with a few basics to help you decipher the code that is wax, clay, and pomade.


Oh, the mystery matter that smells so… earthy? Hey, at least you know it’s made with natural ingredients! Clay products actually contain clay, mostly bentonite for its highly absorbent properties. Clays are used to build volume, absorb oil and grease, and draw out impurities. Many choose styling clay over other products for the clean feeling, density, and ability to sculpt flexible hairstyles. Clay products do not typically create the sticky feeling that waxes and pomades can. Instead, clay users are left with ultimate volume and a clean, natural look. So remember, clay is the earthy-smelling stuff that soaks up your scalp grease. It’s meant for matte to semi-matte finishes, not shine.

As a base to other products, clay doubles holding power by helping wax or pomade stick to the hair. When used as a cocktail with other products, clay sets a voluminous canvas to paint shine over. Our go-to products are Quicksand & Claymation.

Quicksand is a styling clay and dry shampoo hybrid. This formula contains organic superfoods and diatomaceous earth, a sedimentary rock that is highly absorbent and helps plump strands. Claymation is a styling clay-wax hybrid. A pinch of Quicksand is added to the formula for absorbing power and flexible hold.


Wax… sounds pleasant, right? This one is usually the most confusing because every cream and its mother are also called “wax”. It doesn’t even matter if the sludge you’re pulling through your strands is, in fact, wax. Most companies will throw the label on anyway. Here is what you need to know.

Wax products feel just like the name; waxy. Waxes tend to be spongy with a thicker grip than clays and leave hair with a natural matte finish that can have a bit of shine. Edgy hairstyles with exaggerated hairlines and textured, piecey strands are ideal for this formula. Because of the light shine, many find these products best for smart, formal styles like pompadours.

Used alone, wax creates sleek styles with amazing shine. When used as a cocktail, wax can take your style to the next level after applied to voluminously crafted hair. Hanz de Fuko suggests Hybridized Wax.

Hybridized wax is water-based, making it easier to work with than many waxes on the market. With its medium hold, this formula works for smooth or heavily-textured hairstyles. Iridescent mica gives this wax a natural shine. Ingredients like clove leaves, eucalyptus, and sage will moisturize and condition your hair while stimulating hair growth.


Ready to look slippery to the touch? Pomades, or hair grease, give the appearance of high shine or a wet, “freshly-showered” look. This product is typically used for very specific, oily styles. Anyone aiming for classic combover fashions should look for pomade. This slick substance will finalize the smoothness needed for evening trends.

Many pomades contain oil, weighing down hair. We suggest water-soluble pomades like our Modify Pomade. Because Modify Pomade is not oil-based, the integrity of your style is left intact. You can count on this pomade to hold your hair in place and keep shine to a maximum. Got it, Slick Rick? [Wink] 

Let’s Review:

  • Clay is the earthy-smelling laundry service for your head.
  • Wax is like the perfect pair of jeans that you’ve worn a couple of times until the fit is unbeatable.
  • Pomades can best be described as a warning: slippery when wet.

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