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Ladies, Call Us Hanz de Fix-It

Ladies, Call Us Hanz de Fix-It

Ladies, Call Us Hanz De Fix-It

Hanz de Fuko is not an exclusively “for-men” hair care line, we have a mission to make great products, period. Though most of our users are indeed men, women have revealed that a few of their favorite products were actually discovered from testing out their boyfriend’s products.

So let’s hear what women really have to say about Hanz de Fuko and why they love our products so much…


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It starts to get humid and sleek hair goes awry when those top hairs starts to stand, looking like you’ve just touched an electrical outlet.


Ladies have been loving our newly re-launched Hybridized Wax for flyaway’s. It’s lightweight, smells fresh, and provides satin shine; keeping those stray hairs down with zero residue. And don’t worry about stickiness, Hybridized Wax is 100% water soluble and goes on satin smooth. And with its 2oz size, it makes it easy for travel and storing in your purse whenever static strikes!


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You’ve just finished a workout and don’t have time to shampoo + style before getting back to work or going out to dinner.


This revolutionary formula adds volume, absorbs excess oil and adds texture with zero weight! Apply at roots after a workout to activate Quicksand’s secret ingredient, diatomaceous earth, which acts like a sponge for sweat. Your hair will have that sexy sea-salt texture and a great matte finish, ready to go anywhere.

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Hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons; the heat is constant for ladies who style every day and it can turn hair tousled to tortured.

Solution: SPONGE WAX

We know “wax” isn’t in the day-to-day hair dictionary for most women, but hear us out! Sponge Wax’s unique formula combines castor and jojoba seed oils to protect the scalp and hair shaft from drying out when harsh heat hits. Combing through hair before styling protects it from damage and retains moisture while providing both a firm and flexible hold with natural shine.

Ladies, if you have any other products you love, let us know! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @HanzdeFuko and use hashtag #HanzdeFuko. We want to know how YOU use our products!

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