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Hair Stylers 101: Clay, Wax, Pomade

Hair Stylers 101: Clay, Wax, Pomade

We know how overwhelming reading label upon label of mysterious hair products can be; what is wax?! Is pomade too sticky? Will clay make my hair too dry? Not all of us, as in any of us, have a barber on speed dial to answer our questions.

Over at Hanz de Fuko we have made an easy to follow guide on the basics of hair styling to help you decipher the code: Wax, Clay, & Pomade.

Here we go...

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The mysterious product that smells earthy and looks like wet sand… is good for your hair? The answer is: YES! Think of it this way; the more natural smelling, the more natural the ingredients. Clay products DO contain clay, mostly what’s called bentonite clay, which has highly absorbent properties. Clay is best used for building volume, absorbing oil and grease and drawing out impurities that can cause HAIR LOSS! Barbers choose to style with clay over other products because of its clean feel, density and ability to sculpt super flexible hairstyles. Clay products are NOT sticky, which you will find in some waxes and pomades.

How to Cocktail: Use clay as a pre-styler to add volume and add in a wax or pomade. The clay base provides a voluminous canvas for your primary styling product of choice to stick and shine on to the hair.

The ultimate clay products at Hanz de Fuko are Quicksand and Claymation (over 3 million sold!). Quicksand is both a styling clay and dry shampoo with high hold and a dry matte finish. For the ambitious learners, Quicksand contains diatomaceous earth, a sedimentary rock that’s highly absorbent and helps plump strands. Claymation on the other hand, is a styling “clay-wax” hybrid with super high hold and a matte finish. We added a touch of Quicksand to this formula for an added boost of holding power and flexible hold.

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Wax on, wax off; we bet that’s the most in-depth thinking you’ve given to wax. Not only is it unclear how or what the stuff is, most companies slap labeling on products even when they’re not technically a wax! Here’s the deal, wax products feel just like the name says; waxy. They will feel spongy and have a thicker grip when you work it between your hands and leaves hair with a natural matte finish that can have a bit of shine. If you’re into edgy hairstyles with exaggerated lines and textured, piecey strands, then wax is ideal. The light shine also makes it perfect for formal styles like pompadours.  

Start styling with Hanz de Fuko’s, Hybridized Wax, a water-based styler that makes it easy to work with, providing medium hold and satin shine. Work it through wet hair to lock in a clean, modern finish or use on dry hair for the perfect satin shine. Additionally, it works as a heat protectant just before blow drying or flat ironing. For the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness, use Hanz de Fuko’s, Sponge Wax for limitless styling creativity and long-lasting, pliable hold. Designed for the hassle-free man seeking effortless styling.

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You may as well wear a sign that says “SLIPPERY WHEN WET” when styling with what’s affectionately called “hair grease.” Pomades give the appearance of high shine with a wet, “freshly-showered” look. This product is used for classic comb overs to slicked back, red-carpet looks. Traditionally pomades have been oil based and difficult to wash out, but over at Hanz de Fuko, we’ve fixed that problem...

Hanz de Fuko’s Modify Pomade is 100% water based. A water based product is easy to wash out but still keeps your hair in place and shining to the max! We recommend using this product for medium hold and high shine. If you want to go full on extreme hold and high shine, then use Heavymade. Like our Modify Pomade, this water base formula goes on clean and heavy. Also great for edge control on African-American hair.



  • Clay is the earthy-smelling laundry service for your head.
  • Wax is like the perfect pair of jeans that you’ve worn a couple of times until the fit is unbeatable.
  • Pomades can best be described as a warning: slippery when wet.

CLAY - Quicksand, Claymation

WAX - Sponge WaxHybridized Wax

POMADE - Modify PomadeHeavymade


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