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Feel like you can never achieve an effortless look straight from the shower? You style over and over, but nothing matches the look of second-day hair. Second-day hair happens when you go to bed after a fresh wash and dry, feeling oh so soft and dapper. You wake to strands that seem to have been blessed by your pillow. Messy from bed head with a slight sheen from your natural oils, you can go about your day looking like you don’t give a damn about anything. But mistimed washes can put a serious hinder on those fresh daddy vibes. Luckily you can get second-day hair after a shower using only one product.


Forget to wash your hair the night before? Not a problem. Hanz has a secret weapon to give you the soft, shiny strands of your dreams, right out of the shower. As Beyonce once said, “c’mon fellas won’t you get some claymation?!” We’re pretty sure that’s what she said, but don’t quote us.

Claymation is a semi hold, semi-matte styling clay-wax hybrid. We threw in a touch of Quicksand to keep your freshly-washed volume. With a blend of wax and sculpting clay, you can shower and go, maintaining the sheen of hair that’s had a moment to oil up. This formulation serves as a great base for cocktailing or alone to create one-of-a-kind pompadours. Choosing between messy strands or a silky hairdo has never been easier.


  1. Shower
  2. Warm a nickel-size amount of Claymation between your palms.
  3. Rub styling product through your hair.
  4. Voila! You’re a sex God! Or at least second-day sexy. Now get out there with your head held high and your strands on lockdown.

Okay, Beyonce never mentioned this product (that we know of). But we have plenty of press singing rave reviews, especially when it comes to this top-rated styling clay.


Hanz de Fuko…

The Ultimate Wing Man

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