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    Medium Hold | High Shine

    2oz. | 60 ml.




    Old school pomade with a modern day twist! This lightweight, medium-hold formulation will keep your favorite classic look firmly in place with tremendous shine.


    This formula is completely water soluble, which means it’s softer and less greasy than its mineral oil predecessors while still giving your hair smoothness and definition for that perfect “Red Carpet” look.


    Start by rubbing a nickel-sized amount between your palms until the product turns white. Then apply to dry hair for locked-in, high shine texture or to damp hair for achieving clean, polished looks with a comb.


    To magnify holding power, leave the jar of Modify Pomade opened overnight to help thicken and concentrate the formulation for maximum effectiveness.


    Customer Reviews 24 item(s)

    Love the smell
    I thought HDF products were only for men, but when my girlfriend told me she uses Modify Pomade, I had to get my hands on. I love the smell of it so much!
    Review by Janet / (Posted on 9/9/2016)
    The Modify Pomade is great! It works wonders on my curls and is water soluble, so it is very easy to wash it out the next morning.
    Review by Randal / (Posted on 9/9/2016)
    I was having trouble choosing the right product for my hair. But if you send HDF an email, you will get the best help in choosing the right product for your hair! Modify Pomade rocks my world!
    Review by Tucker / (Posted on 9/7/2016)
    high shine
    After seeing my favorite arist G eazy use this product, I just had to get my hands on it!
    Review by Joshua / (Posted on 9/6/2016)
    love the smell
    I really love the smell of this product. It isn't too feminine, but not too plain either.
    Review by Hamzeh / (Posted on 9/1/2016)
    G EAZY
    G Eazy is my favorite artist, so when I saw him using this product, I had to get my hands on it, and I fell in love with it. Great smell and works really great for my super curly hair
    Review by Carl / (Posted on 8/31/2016)
    Slick back
    After seeing G Eazy use this product, I had to get my hands on it! I love the smell it gives and the hold it has on my curly hair!
    Review by Simon / (Posted on 8/30/2016)
    Great Pomade
    I mix this product with Claymation as a finisher where I get the best of both worlds, a great hold and high shine finish :)
    Review by Derek / (Posted on 8/23/2016)
    Pomade Power
    I use this product whenever I need a little bit of shine before a night out on the town with the girls! The smell and hold is great :)
    Review by Alexis / (Posted on 8/23/2016)
    Great smell
    If you are looking for the perfect slick back hair do, this is the product you need to use! It has a great hold with a nice shine finish :)
    Review by Harrison / (Posted on 8/22/2016)
    It's ideal
    Ideal for my frizzy full hair to add fix and shine. A small amount is all it takes.
    Review by Anthon / (Posted on 8/20/2016)
    Great hold!
    This product works great for my curly hair. It keeps it in place and gives you a nice going out look! The smell is great too! Thank you Hanz de Fuko!
    Review by Andre / (Posted on 8/20/2016)
    Perfect texture and shine
    It helps to create texture and intense shine. It works perfectly on my short to med length hair /disconnected quiff.
    Review by Roberto / (Posted on 8/15/2016)
    A super nice pomade. It is easy to wash off. It gives a lot of shine. The scent of this product is fresh with notes of citrus.
    Review by Ashly / (Posted on 8/15/2016)
    It's a pomade upgrade!
    I enjoy the fact that it is water based which means it's softer and less greasy than previous pomades. Definitely a contemporary pomade product!
    Review by Ravi / (Posted on 8/15/2016)
    This will be my product for a very long time
    I was looking for a product with natural ingredients. I found what I was looking for in this product because it's natural and it works at keeping my look in check with the right amount of shine. Love it!
    Review by Tino / (Posted on 8/14/2016)
    Sleek Shine
    Wow, I can actually rock a look with this product!
    Review by Abia / (Posted on 8/13/2016)
    It's a great product
    I run track, Modify Pomade holds even after practice. It goes on easy and is workable during the day. It’s a great product.
    Review by Tyl / (Posted on 8/13/2016)
    Keeps my hair in place
    I've used many waxes and pomades but Hanz De Fuko Modify Pomade is the best one so far. Works really well. Amazing lift and control. The smell is fresh, bright and pleasing.
    Review by Carlos / (Posted on 8/12/2016)
    Great pomade
    Someone called this product ‘user friendly’, I completely agree!   It offers a perfect balance of shine and control, healthy looking hair that stays where I want it to! I highly recommend this product.
    Review by Richard / (Posted on 8/12/2016)
    Love the smell!
    I have long thick hair and this Pomade keeps my hair in place. It isn't too firm nor messy.
    Review by Willie / (Posted on 8/12/2016)
    Fukn awesome!
    Words (not even profanity) can describe the versatility of this product. Great for medium to short hair (idk how it handles log hair as I changed my style prior to trying the product), but based on what I've seen this is far, it may be a lighter hold (meaning, in my opinion, may not hold / lock your hair for the classic side part), but may provide a good enough hold (with a bit of bounce). You may need to apply a little as needed to get the great classic look (if you have longer hair than short to medium length hair). Again, I've never tried this product w long hair but I can't imagine being disappointed... If u have hair that naturally lays flat, this product will probably work wonders as it provides a decent shine and not flatten you hair... I have think but puffy hair (after drying my hair and after wetting it), my hair puffs up if my hair is long and sticks up if my hair is short: this product allows it to flatten and comb wo it being and looking flat, if ya can just picture that... Lastly, this product not only holds ur hair well but it also leaves it looking natural and not rock like... In my opinion, as ur dries up through out the day, your hair is cray managable, none the less. If it's a windy day, no worries, easy to hand comb.. Don't take my word for it as this is only my opinion and what has worked for me (short to medium hair that after showered and toweled dried, puffs and sticks up)... But I would recommend a try (considering if u aren't as lucky to have that easy, lay flat hair --- you've tried hundreds of other products)... Why not try this one on your quest.... Thanks Hanz de fuko! Satisfied customer from SA, TX
    Review by H / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
    If you want that red carpet look
    I first tried Modify Pomade after I received a Deluxe Mini Sample Kit as a gift. Hanz De Fuko products are of the best quality and performance. With a product for every type of hair, person and style. Modify Pomade is the one for me. The citrus scent. The shine. The end result is truly polished
    Review by Jake / (Posted on 8/8/2016)
    Absolutely love this product!
    I've used many waxes and pomades but Hanz De Fuko Modify Pomade is the best one so far. Works really well. Amazing lift and control. The smell is fresh, bright and pleasing.
    Review by Haley / (Posted on 8/8/2016)

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